T-18 Days…


So towards the end of 2017, Samuel and I came up with the wonderful idea of exploring Asia and Europe by land and sea. I think we were semi-drunk when we decided on this. I can’t really remember. But I do remember us being inspired by others that had already been on this journey. And like our septum piercings, this drunk decision eventually came to life as well.

So about a month after we decided to embark on this adventure, we finally grew some balls and committed to homebound air-tickets. Finally, the trip was coming together! (if only we had grown balls earlier, we could’ve saved almost $150 on our airfare…)

I’ve never planned a trip so extensively before. My friends and I have been on two group trips so far, and both have been relatively “free-form” (see also, 2lazy2plan). I’m pretty sure the only thing we planned for our Phuket trip was the destination itself. And the only thing we planned for our Taiwan trip was probably our trip hashtag. #TaiwanTrulyChina and #台灣TRULY中國, since we were feeling a bit multi-lingual (thanks LKY). We even came up with a trip banner…


Here’s the trip banner in all its glory. 5 hours of hard work on PowerPoint.

We also didn’t have a habit of taking flattering photos…


Here we are posing for a Taiwanese porn shoot.


And here’s Sam and I phasing out of existence.

But planning aside, I hope for this trip to be as spontaneous as its inception was. I can’t wait to document new experiences (including some PROPER photographs) and interact with new people. This is gonna be amazing.

– Ryan

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